CakePHP, A Rapid Web Application Framework, Helping Developers Churn Out Breathtaking Web Applications In Quick Time

Dynamic web applications & websites, today, have assumed much importance for businesses around the world. And, with open source technologies being introduced with each passing day, the demand for robust web applications is on the rise like never before. Out of the many open source web application frameworks that exist today, CakePHP is one of the most popular frameworks, which is based on PHP. Most of the developers prefer this open source framework for carving out intuitive, secured & user-friendly web applications in quick time. So, Why CakePHP? Well, there are countless reasons to go for the CakePHP framework, which will be discussed further. The foremost reason is that it is open source in nature and hence freely available.

CakePHP is developed on the lines of Ruby on Rails, another popular MVC based framework. Both these frameworks are based on the Convention over Configuration philosophy & use the Object Oriented Programming principles. Another impressive thing about CakePHP is that it is backed by an active community of developers, who persevere to come up with new versions having better features, security & functionalities. If you are looking forward to develop a powerful web application based on PHP 4 or PHP 5, then CakePHP is one of the most suitable options. Why CakePHP Framework? It is because CakePHP has in-built support for the latest PHP versions.

Some of the reasons to choose CakePHP
  • MVC Architecture

    The Model-View-Controller forms the crux of CakePHP framework. So, what exactly is this coding pattern? Well, the model layer stands for the database application, view layer for implementation of the GUI and finally the controller layer for business logic. The most interesting part is that each layer can be worked independently of other layers. It is due to this feature, CakePHP Developers can cut down the application development time and cost. The entire process becomes easier, quicker and less complex.

  • Object Relational Mapping

    This is another important feature offered by the CakePHP Framework. Now, this is a programming technique which is used for converting data between incompatible type systems in databases and object-oriented programming languages. In terms of a layman, it means that table is represented from a class. Further, inside the classes developers can define relations between other tables, validation definition and even predefine specific callbacks specifically for that table. The crucial point is the relation definitions. Once you define these properly, you can even have sub records /from the related tables/ without doing anything specific.

  • Built-in Validation & AJAX Support

    CakePHP comes equipped with some brilliant in-built data validation features that are immensely useful to CakePHP Application Developers. One can easily attach multiple advanced validation rules to a single field. Next, this PHP based framework also has built-in support for AJAX. The AJAX helper class in the core lib can be used in a variety of ways such as creating event observer; form submission via AJAX etc. Another important thing is that CakePHP uses AJAX along with Scriptaculous and Prototype.

  • Scaffolding

    The CRUD Scaffolding feature offered by CakePHP Framework is simply the best. So, what does this mean? To begin with CRUD stands for Create, Read, Update, & Delete. Now these all act as the very basic activities in almost all kinds of web applications. It is because of this feature, developers benefit from one single line of code which can be seen in preliminary view of your application. CRUD Scaffolding saves a lot of time in CakePHP Application Development.

  • Application Testing

    Another interesting feature offered by CakePHP is that it helps developers decide on a testing platform. And, this is what makes CakePHP renowned. It paves way for developing absolutely bug-free & highly secured web applications.

The CakePHP Framework is indeed, one of the most useful & powerful open source PHP based framework of all times. It, however, does require a lot of work on the documentation part but the community is steadily growing & there are a lot of efforts being implemented in this direction. Without doubt, the future of CakePHP looks very promising.