The most remarkable thing about PHP frameworks is that they follow the Model View Controller (MVC) coding pattern. The pattern has three layers like Model layer for database application, View layer for the implementation of the graphical user interface and Controller layer for business logic. Every layer can be worked independently of the others. This feature helps to make the whole process faster, smoother and less complex. Also, it helps developers write fewer codes and lets them concentrate more on the web development/application development part.

Both CakePHP and CodeIgniter are used across the globe by various organizations. These are preferred because of the scalability and flexibility they provide.

CakePHP is an open source framework used for developing various web applications. It is basically coded in PHP, and distributed under MIT License. The main motive is to deliver a configuration that allows to the quick creation of rich web applications. CakePHP is a fast application development framework for PHP that employs basic designs patterns such as, MVC, Association Data Mapping, Active Record, and Front Controller.

On the other hand, CodeIgniter is an application development framework for developing websites through PHP. It provides simple interface and strong range of libraries for commonly required tasks in order to enable faster development of projects as compared to writing programming codes. CodeIgniter enables the developer to focus on the development project by reducing the quantity of required programming code.

It includes a range of features, some of them are: PHP 4 compatible, MVC based system, security and XSS filtering, extremely light weight, Session management, form and data validation, file uploading class, active record database support, FTP class, and many more.

In case you are a novice to the field of web development, you can go for the CakePHP framework as it would not require you to go through the hassles of learning all those complicated code structures. CakePHP also supports multiple databases, ORM, database objects, caching, validation, Ajax and user authentication.

CodeIgniter has a brilliant built in library that serves the needs of PHP beginners. For the ones who are experts in this, CodeIgniter lets them create their own libraries.

Well, these PHP frameworks have their own pros and cons. However both these frameworks will not only help in building you a great application but also in enhancing your online business.

Posted in CakePHP Development on 28, Sep 2011