CakePHP is one of the most popular and widely used PHP frameworks. Since its launch in 2005 after the Ruby on Rails Concept, the CakePHP Development Community has been ever growing and the future seems to be bright for this awesome framework.

Here are some of the shopping cart plug-ins

  • The first one on the list is Va M Cart. It is an open source plug-in which can be easily installed and used. Prominent features include – support for multiple languages and currencies, built-in SEO tools, option for product reviews, automatic image re size and support of unlimited products and categories.
  • The next one is Cake Cart. It is now in the per-per-alpha stage. Cake Cart is easy to customize and you can easily launch an e-commerce website with it. Currently, the plug-in supports and is later scheduled to add in PayPal and Google checkout support.
  • The third one on this prestigious list is Bake sale Shopping Cart. This is made with the MVC Web framework CakePHP. Bake sale uses the j Query JavaScript library, both for effects and AJAX. Using the Plug-ins, the end-developer can simply add new functionality to Bake Sale. This application follows Web standards, using semantic X HTML markup with CSS-based layout.
  • CakePHP-Cart is another brilliant plug-in that attempts to become the defacto solution for shopping cart implementation in CakePHP. It helps developers create customized shopping cart applications.
  • Shopping Cart plug-in for CakePHP (techno-geek Shopping Cart) handles the management of order data in the session. It is also useful for CakePHP shopping cart.
  • The 7. K aching-PHP is a shopping cart framework that is built as a CakePHP plug-in. In case you want to create customized online stores, this is an apt solution. However this plug-in is not meant for everyone. It is meant for those developers who want to build an online store and maintain full control of it. K aching comes with a sample store, as a starting point and examples on how to use it.
  • The last one on the list is e-junkie clone. This is a shopping cart for downloadable goods and is built using CakePHP.
Posted in Plugins on 27, Sep 2011